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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Decision time !

The date was January 18th, 2017 when the much awaited thing happened. Yes... I resigned.... Not quit... but resigned.  I dont like this "quit" term.

From the longest time I remember, this was the ultimate thing I always challenged myself for.
The set of circumstances, people around in my office and a blank future gave me the perfect mix of courage to take this step.

Even during the 3 months of notice period, people in my office were pretty sure that I will take my resignation back. What do they think about resignation? Some kind of a joke.

I got hilarious reactions out there at my office where people have witnessed "resignation" for the first and probably the last time in their careers:

- Chalo abhi tak retirement dekha tha ... ab resignation bhi dekh liya
- Resignation ki policy hai bank mein?
- SBI kaun *&^%$#@ chorrta hai
- She must be just a Joking!!

Nonetheless, this wasnt an easy decision. I had my share of sleepless nights, butterflies tormenting my stomach, long conversations with people etc etc.
But in the end only two things helped me sail through this...
1) His staunch support and a strong belief in doing what you like.
2) My once-upon-a-time boss's statement "not taking a risk is the biggest risk in life", Sonali. So just go ahead!

Nothing and no one else then mattered. The incidences which happened in the past 2 years in my Gurgaon Office, those moron faced seniors, that full of negativity environment and above all that surety of a bleak future made this decision easy for me.

Looking back, I dont know how I survived through those last 2 years. But then, only because of what I learnt (all by myself) in those 2 years I got this new assignment.

So its simple, if God puts you in a difficult situation, make the most out of it and Get Out of it.

In years to come, I might face a lot of challenges with this decision. But at least I will not regret not taking a decision at all. At least I tried to make things better for myself in future, at least I gave myself a chance!

Thanks You God for making me courageous enough to bring about this paradigm shift. This time, its all about feeling proud of my own self and not letting myself down. It is my decision and I will show the world that I dont regret it a bit. I want be the success story for all those who are stuck with my previous organisation just in name of security and safety. So help me God.

In the end, there are no right or wrong decisions. They are just decisions. Its upto you whether you make them right or wrong.

This time I am going to make them fuckin' right !

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